How far would you go if the one person you loved was the one person you couldn’t trust?


Having fled a cruel and twisted past, Cal Strudwick is finally at peace with his demons – until he meets naive uni student, Lexi Donaghue.

Desperate to find freedom from her own traumatic past, Lexi is inexplicably drawn to Cal and they embark on a passionate, all-consuming romance.

Their happiness is short lived. A freak accident leads to a devastating tragedy and their web of secrets and lies begins to unravel. When an untimely death sets of a chain of catastrophic events, loyalties are stretched to breaking point. With Cal no longer able to trust Lexi and his past rapidly advancing, he realises there can be only one life-changing outcome.

When Foundations Crumble is a heart-wrenching tale of mystery, intrigue, passion, tragedy and deceit.
And no one is unscathed.


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What if paradise was just that little bit twisted?

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A Twisted Paradise

Ely Drake has disappeared without a trace. The police have no leads. Two weeks later he finally turns up but in the most unlikely of places…

The Garden of Honesty

Ed wants to move his mother into a retirement home, yet she is resistant. They both have ulterior motives, so who is going to be the eventual victor?

Parallel Lives

Mac Green has left his life in the city behind. He plans to buy a large country house and start anew – except when he finally gains access to the house, everything is not as it seems…

From Heartbreak to Happiness

Maud misses Bert. She wants to be with him again but is trapped in her own world. Can she find a way to journey back to her one true love?



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The hotly anticipated sequel to When Foundations Crumble